Divorce Lawyer In Tampa Testimonial

Divorce Lawyer In Tampa Testimonial

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Divorce Lawyer in Tampa, Gary Dolgin Was Former Judge, Kevin Carey's Choice To Be His Divorce Attorney

Former Family Law Judge Kevin Carey was so impressed with Gary Dolgin’s abilities as a divorce attorney and family law attorney when trying cases in his courtroom, that Kevin retained Gary to be his own divorce attorney when Kevin’s marriage was ending in 2007.

Divorce lawyer in Tampa Gary Dolgin was former Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge, Kevin Carey’s choice to be his divorce attorney.

When Kevin Carey served as Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge in the Family Law Division, Family Law and Divorce Attorney Gary Dolgin appeared before him several times representing clients.

Kevin Carey was so impressed with Gary Dolgin’s abilities as a divorce attorney and family law attorney, that Kevin retained Gary to be his own divorce attorney when Kevin’s marriage was ending in 2007.

As a former Family Law Judge and fellow Family Law Attorney, Kevin has the utmost respect for Gary as a top divorce attorney in Tampa and Board Certified Expert in Marital and Family Law.

Here is what former Judge Kevin Carey has to say about Gary Dolgin:

“I’m Kevin Carey. I’m an attorney in Tampa.

I got to know Gary Dolgin in 2002 I was running for Circuit Judge and got to know him very well, we became friends.

When I became a Judge in 2003. I spent a number of years in the Family Law Division. Gary appeared before me a number of times.

I’ve always had a lot of great respect for him as a lawyer, as an advocate, he’s also a mediator.

When I went through my divorce in 2007, I retained Gary to represent me. He did a very good job. Beyond knowing the law well, he just has a very good demeanor. He’s very professional.

I just felt very comfortable with him handling my case and we got it resolved relatively quickly, which I was pleased about.

And since that time, I’ve stayed very good friends with Gary. We refer each other cases, we’ve had cases together. Gary has been an attorney’s fee expert for me, he’s been a mediator.

I referred him a case 3 days ago. So, I continue to have confidence in Gary.

I’ve gotten to know him in a number of different capacities, as a Judge, as a friend, as a fellow candidate for Judge, as a client. I’ve also mediated some cases for some of his clients.

Also, on a regular basis, I will call Gary, and he calls me. We just kind of bounce ideas off each other because I have a lot of faith in his abilities as a family lawyer and just as a lawyer in general.

One of the things I know about Gary is that he makes an effort to keep current. He reads what they call law advance sheets, which are the most recent cases that have come out.

I remember one time, I bumped in to Gary on a Saturday at a coffee shop and he was in there reading these law advance sheets on a Saturday afternoon, which I was very impressed with. I don’t think many people spend their Saturday afternoons reading legal advance sheets.

He’s very ethical. In my twenty-some years of knowing Gary, ever saw a situation where I felt like there was any issue there. In fact, if anything, I’d say he goes out of his way to be professional to the point that maybe a client will say, “Alright, I’d like to cut this corner,” and Gary would say “No, we’re not going to do that.” As a former Judge, Judges appreciate that.

I think Judges really have a great respect for Gary.

He’s Board Certified, which is significant as well. It suggests he has thorough knowledge of the law.

So again, I’ve got no hesitancy to ever recommend, even as I have last week, someone to go to Gary for legal advice. I’ve never had any doubt that he would serve that person in every capacity that would help that person get through this.

Because you know, family law is not just about law. It’s about , it’s about children, it’s about emotions, it’s about getting through a crisis. And not all lawyers are very good at that. Some lawyers are combative.

Gary can be very good in the courtroom, as I said, I’ve seen him in the courtroom as a judge, but he also is very good at trying to resolve disputes. And to resolve disputes you have to sometimes compromise, which he is very good at conveying to his clients.

So, summing up, I would say Gary’s professional, he cares about his clients, he has a strong work ethic, and is very professional. I would certainly recommend him to any person who might need legal services in the family law area.”

Here at The Law Offices of Gary S. Dolgin, we are very proud to have former Judge Kevin Carey’s recommendation and we are happy to have helped him get his divorce resolved quickly.

If you are going through divorce or if you are having any other type of Family Law issue, it would be our pleasure to help you…just like we helped former Judge Kevin Carey!

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