Alimony: Court Considers Age, Physical and Emotional Condition of Each Party When Determining Alimony

One of the factors that a Judge looks at when determining alimony is the age and the physical and emotional condition of each party.

For example, permanent alimony may be appropriate when one of the parties can demonstrate that he or she will be unable to become self-supporting in the future because of age or a physical or emotional condition.

However, the court must also consider both parties’ age, physical and emotional conditions.

If for example, the payor suffers from a debilitating physical condition and will no longer be able to provide at the same capacity as during the marriage, and meanwhile the other party is in great health and able to provide for themselves, the court may decide that alimony would not be appropriate in this case.

Also, decisions regarding alimony should be based on the present age, physical and emotional condition of the parties, not on speculation regarding the future condition of the parties.

In addition to this factor, there are numerous other factors that a court looks at in determining how much alimony to order in a particular case.

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