Alimony in Florida: Alimony Reform Bill Dropped For 2021

For the past several years, efforts to rewrite Florida’s alimony laws have sparked much debate.

The proposed alimony reform aimed to do away with permanent alimony and significantly reduce the duration of alimony when couples get divorced.

The breadwinners in the marriage argue that permanent alimony forces them to continue working past retirement age in order to afford making the required monthly payments to their ex-spouses.

However the stay-at-home wife or husband and lower-income earners argue that they sacrificed their careers to care for the home and should be provided with financial support from the breadwinner long after the end of the marriage to compensate for their possibly reduced earning potential.

In addition, the alimony reform bill included a provision that would require judges to begin with a “presumption” that children should split their time equally between parents, which raises much controversary as well, especially in the cases when one parent is not fit to care for the child.

The alimony reform bill has been shelved for 2021, however, it is expected to be proposed once again for 2022.

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