Best Child Custody Lawyer in Tampa Florida Gary Dolgin Explains How Timesharing Schedule Is Decided

How does a Judge determine a timesharing schedule?

A judge is required to look at Florida Statute 61.13, which has 20 factors which the court is required to consider when making that determination.

Some of those factors include, which parent is most likely to promote frequent and continuing contact between the other parent and the child?

Which parent is able to put the needs of the child over their own personal needs?

Which parent took the major responsibilities in taking care of the child before the divorce?

And how are they going to divide those responsibilities after the divorce?

What is the distance that the parents live from each other?

What is the length of time that the child has lived in a stable and satisfactory environment?

The moral fitness of the parents.

The physical health of the parents.

Which parent is able to keep the child shielded from the litigation?

Those are some of the factors that a court has to consider.

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