Best Divorce Lawyer Tampa Gary Dolgin Explains Equitable Distribution Factor a in Florida

In Florida, marital assets and liabilities are divided equitably upon divorce, ensuring fairness for both parties involved.

The court will allocate each spouse’s nonmarital assets and liabilities accordingly.

When distributing marital assets and liabilities between the parties, the court starts with the presumption of an equal distribution. However, there may be valid reasons for an unequal distribution based on various factors.

Factor (a) to be considered is:

The contribution to the marriage by each spouse, including contributions to the care and education of the children and services as homemaker.

For example, one spouse may contribute significantly to the marriage financially by earning the primary income or making substantial investments that benefit the family.

On the other hand, one spouse may sacrifice career opportunities or advancement to support the other spouse’s career goals or to prioritize family responsibilities, such as relocating for a spouse’s job or taking on part-time work to accommodate childcare needs.

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