Best Family Law Attorney Tampa Gary Dolgin Honors His Mother On Her Birthday

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Birthday To Dr. Ann Dolgin who turns 89 years old today!

Today we honor Gary’s sweet and wonderful mother on her special day.

Gary shares a beautiful dedication to his Mom:

“My mother has always been a trailblazer.

When my brother, sister, and I were in elementary school, she obtained her Doctorate in Education and showed us, at an early age, the importance of hard work and dedication. She temporarily relocated with us to the University of Miami and my Dad visited every other weekend, traveling from Tampa.

She lost her mother at age 14 to cancer and my grandfather, who worked seven days a week in a laundromat, sacrificed to make sure that my uncle and my mother were the first in the family to attend college. My mother passed on the importance of education to her children.

My brother, sister and I all reside in Tampa. My brother is an Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon, and my sister is an Engineer.

My mother was married to my father for 53 years at the time of his death.

At 89, she is still sharp and enjoying her retirement.

She enjoys her eight wonderful grandchildren and is always ready to share her life experiences and advice with them.”

~ Gary S. Dolgin

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