Best family law attorney Tampa Gary Dolgin with Mayor of Le Havre, France and Olivier Jougla, President of the French Bar Association

“It was great seeing the Mayor of Tampa’s Sister City Le Havre, France Édouard Philippe, who is also the former Prime Minister of France under President Macron. He was in town to renew Tampa’s Sister City relationship with Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and explore student exchanges with USF and other trade opportunities.

Ten years ago I traveled with Tampa lawyers to Le Havre and he hosted a five course French dinner for us and he gave me a book on Le Havre art.

My friend Olivier Jougla, President of the French Bar Association and Former Deputy Mayor of Le Havre, was also visiting Tampa with his family. His family hosted me in their home in 2012 and he stayed at our home in 2013.

We enjoyed a great dinner at the Columbia Restaurant with our French friends.

I am looking forward to traveling to Le Havre with Tampa lawyers and judges next October.”

– Gary S. Dolgin, Attorney At Law

Gary is happy to help represent Tampa in Le Havre, France and help make Mayor Édouard Philippe’s and Olivier Jougla’s visit to Tampa as enjoyable as possible.

Gary takes great pleasure in representing and being involved in the Tampa community and has been serving the Tampa community as a Board Certified Expert in Marital and Family Law, helping families with their family law issues for over 30 years.

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