Best Tampa Divorce Lawyer Gary Dolgin – Former Divorce Client, Kari Explains How Retaining Gary Was The Best Decision She Could Have Made

One of Gary Dolgin’s former divorce clients, Kari, is grateful to Gary for helping her with her divorce back in 2005.

Although Kari’s divorce was relatively simple and quick to finalize, Kari was also going through some health issues at the time of her divorce which made it more challenging for her.

Kari really appreciated how compassionate and understanding Gary was, and how he provided her with encouragement and reassurance throughout the divorce process.

She also describes Gary as being tenacious, fair, and states that he managed her case to the letter of the law. She appreciated that he did so with a lot of faith in her, that she would get through it, which was what she really needed at that time.

Here, Kari shares her story about how Gary Dolgin helped her get through her difficult time.

Being Board Certified in Marital and Family Law as well as being a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator sets Gary Dolgin apart as the Tampa divorce lawyer you can count on to represent you. He will put his expertise and 30 years of experience to work for you, and advocate for the best possible result in your divorce case.

To schedule a divorce consultation with Board Certified Expert in Marital and Family Law in Tampa, Gary S. Dolgin, please call (813) 999-2772, and it will be our pleasure to help you.

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