Case Story: Helped a Mother Get Shared Custody of Her 2yr-old Son

“My client came to me with a custody evaluation which recommended that the father of their 2-year-old son should be the primary residential parent because the mother (my client) was not psychologically capable of having shared custody.

Together with my co-counsel, we investigated the case in detail.

We retained a psychologist to spend time in my client’s home observing her with the child, in order to get a full evaluation.

In addition, we interviewed daycare providers, friends and family members about my client’s parenting.

And finally, we prepared my client for her testimony in court and educated her about the importance of shared parental responsibility despite her negative feelings towards the child’s father.

After presenting all our evidence, after my client’s testimony and after my client answered some very important questions from the Judge…she was granted shared custody of her son.”

Gary S. Dolgin, Board Certified Expert In Marital and Family Law

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