Child Custody Factor: Factor (t) Allows The Court To Consider Any Other Relevant Factor

CHILD CUSTODY SERIES: 20 Factors A Judge Must Consider When Determining Issues of Parental Responsibility and Time-Sharing

The twentieth and last factor to consider is:
(t) “Any other factor that is relevant to the determination of a specific parenting plan, including the time-sharing schedule.”

This factor essentially allows the court to use its discretion in considering any other aspect, element, dynamic, or matter pertaining to the child’s life that either affects or may affect the child’s welfare or interests, that was not included in the other nineteen factors.

If, for example, the Judge sees reason to apply any other additional factor that is relevant to the well-being of the child when determining parental responsibility and time-sharing in a particular case, the Judge may do so.

Although the first nineteen factors (a) through (s) listed in the Florida Statutes regarding child custody cover the most common factors for considering the best interests of the child, every child and every family situation is unique, and there may be additional, specific factors that must be considered.

Determining parental responsibility and time-sharing, keeping the best interests of the child as the top priority, is very important in helping to ensure healthy development and upbringing of a child after divorce.

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