Child Custody Factor: Moral Fitness Of Parents and How It Affects The Child

CHILD CUSTODY SERIES: 20 Factors A Judge Must Consider When Determining Issues of Parental Responsibility and Time-Sharing

The sixth factor to consider is:
(f) “The moral fitness of the parents.”

This factor takes into consideration the morals and ethics demonstrated by the parents that will have a direct impact on the child’s well-being.

For example, if a parent demonstrates good moral character by being truthful, trustworthy, reliable and relays these good moral skills to their child then a Judge will consider that favorably towards time-sharing and parental responsibility.

However, if, for example, a parent has demonstrated poor moral character by being involved with others who engage in unlawful behaviors where such relationships may be harmful to the child, or if a parent teaches the child that lying and being deceitful is acceptable, a Judge will consider that unfavorably when determining the issues of time-sharing and parental responsibility.

When deciding on time-sharing and parental responsibility, a Judge would have to keep the best interests of the child in mind and consider how the moral behaviors of each parent may affect the child.

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