Custody Attorney Tampa Gary Dolgin Explains the Role of Parent Coordinators in Divorce and Separation

A parent coordinator in divorce serves as a neutral third-party professional who helps separated or divorced parents navigate co-parenting challenges more effectively.

They are appointed by the court or agreed to by the parties. Their main role is to assist the parties in successfully creating or implementing a parenting plan.

They also assist in facilitating communication, reducing conflicts, and promoting healthy decision-making regarding the children’s well-being.

Parent coordinators more specifically assist in resolving disputes related to parenting schedules, educational decisions, extracurricular activities, and other co-parenting issues.

Key responsibilities of a parent coordinator may include:

– Mediating disagreements

– Implementing parenting plans

– Providing education and guidance

– Making recommendations

– Monitoring compliance

Overall, the goal of a parent coordinator is to minimize conflict, prioritize the children’s best interests, and promote a cooperative co-parenting relationship between divorced or separated parents. By facilitating communication and providing support, parent coordinators help families navigate the challenges of divorce more smoothly and promote the well-being of the children involved.

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