Custody Lawyer Tampa FL Gary Dolgin Discusses Law Regarding Parent Coordinator Report of Emergency

A parent coordinator in divorce serves as a neutral third-party professional who helps separated or divorced parents navigate co-parenting challenges more effectively.

A parenting coordinator must immediately inform the court by affidavit or verified report without notice to the parties of an emergency situation if:

1. There is a reasonable cause to suspect that a child will suffer or is suffering abuse, neglect, or abandonment;

2. There is a reasonable cause to suspect a vulnerable adult has been or is being abused, neglected, or exploited;

3. A party, or someone acting on a party’s behalf, is expected to wrongfully remove or is wrongfully removing the child from the jurisdiction of the court without prior court approval or compliance with the requirements of s. 61.13001. If the parenting coordinator suspects that the parent has relocated within the state to avoid domestic violence, the coordinator may not disclose the location of the parent and child unless required by court order.

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