Family Law Attorney Tampa Gary Dolgin Shares Article About Divorced Couple Whose Divorce Helped Them Work On Their Shortcomings

Trent and Denise Montagu never stopped caring for each other after their divorce.

The couple divorced after 22 years of marriage, when substance abuse and old patterns created a wedge between them too large to bridge.

Denise resented Trent for not participating enough in the family and resorting to substance abuse, and Trent resented Denise for controlling everything.

Ultimately their resentment for each other resulted in divorce, however they both acknowledge that the divorce prompted them to work on their shortcomings.

Denise says she now values her close relationships more and is conscious of not being controlling, both with her current and former spouse.

Trent has stopped abusing alcohol and drugs and has taken control of his finances and other life decisions.

Trent says that the divorce forced him to really focus on himself and finally grow up.

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