Family Law Attorney Tampa Gary Dolgin Shares Article About When To Start Claiming Social Security Benefits

Experts are advising people to wait to claim Social Security benefits and benefits for divorced spouses.

A recent article in The New York Times answers common questions on when to start collecting Social Security.

This article answers questions such as:

– “Why not claim early and invest the benefits in the markets?”
– “Why not claim early, rather than draw down an I.R.A. and other savings?”
– “Will my Social Security benefits be reduced if I work?”
– “Can a person who is due a public pension also collect Social Security benefits?”
– “Can a divorced woman who was married for more than 10 years claim a spousal benefit on her ex-husband’s work record and then switch to her own retirement benefit?”

To see the answers to these questions and gain a better understanding about claiming Social Security benefits, you may read the full article at:

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