Family Lawyer Tampa Gary Dolgin Shares Latest News About Approval of Alimony Bill By The Florida House

Senate Bill 1796, which was passed last Wednesday, would change how alimony is paid if signed into law.

This legislation would do away with permanent alimony and set up maximum payments based on the duration of the marriage.

One of the most controversial parts of this legislation would change the process for modification of alimony when people who have been paying alimony seek to retire. This could potentially impoverish older ex-spouses who have been homemakers and are dependent on the payments.

The ex-spouses who pay would have to give one year’s notice indicating they intend to retire and could stop payments upon retirement, except under certain circumstances.

This Bill also codifies a 50-50 presumption of timesharing into Florida law, which is not in the best interest of Florida’s children.

The Family Law Section of The Florida Bar immediately asked Wednesday that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis veto the bill.

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