Family Lawyer Tampa Shares Article About Women’s Financial Hardships After Divorce and How To Properly Prepare

Divorced Americans are more likely than those who never experienced divorce to lack enough savings to retire at 65 with their accustomed quality of life.

Mothers often take the brunt of the financial hit of divorce because of both the expense of raising children and the negative consequences for their earnings of having childcare and family responsibilities.

Studies show that women who divorce later in life experience a 45% decline in their standard of living.

Women who have gone through a divorce often see their savings and retirement depleted.

Building back requires careful planning.

This article provides some advice on what you can do to secure your financial future after divorce. You can read the full article here:
How Women Can Secure Their Financial Future After Divorce

The article advises that appropriate negotiation of retirement and joint savings is crucial.

It suggests consulting a certified divorce financial analyst when dividing assets during divorce to ensure that the best financial decisions are made, and retirement planning is taken into account.

You may also find free financial education and support yourself regarding these matters. The article discusses how online financial support groups and attending free divorce webinars organized by financial planners can also be helpful.

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