Family Lawyer Tampa Shares The Great News That Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Vetoed The Controversial Alimony Bill That Would Have Affected Permanent Alimony

Senate Bill 1796, which was passed back in March 2022, would have changed how alimony is paid if it was signed into law.

This Bill would have also codified a 50-50 presumption of timesharing into Florida Law, which would not have protected the best interests of children in some cases.

This past Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed this Bill, just as The Family Law Section of the Florida Bar had urged him to do.

The Bill had called for the court to put an end to permanent alimony payments, and would allow for the party paying alimony to terminate alimony payments upon retirement.

DeSantis objected to the bill explaining, “it would unconstitutionally impair vested rights under certain preexisting marital settlement agreements,” he wrote in an official letter.

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