Case Story: Grandparents’ Child Custody and Eventual Adoption of Their Granddaughter

“Ten years ago two grandparents asked me to help them obtain temporary legal custody of their 2 year old granddaughter.

Unfortunately both of her parents were in and out of jail and both had issues with drugs.

These grandparents stepped up to the plate and their 12 year old granddaughter is now thriving.

Now they have asked me to help them adopt her.

While most of my practice involves divorce, I really enjoy helping grandparents.

These wonderful grandparents have protected their granddaughter and provided her with a loving and stable home.

I am happy to help with any child custody or adoption issues anyone may have.”

Gary S. Dolgin, Board Certified Expert In Marital and Family Law

Having helped thousands of parents and grandparents with their child custody issues in Hillsborough County and throughout Florida since 1991, you can rest assured that Tampa child custody lawyer Gary Dolgin will help you resolve your custody issues diligently, with integrity and compassion.

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