Latest News: Who Gets Custody Of The Frozen Embryos?

More and more couples are delaying parenthood these days for several reasons, including pursuing careers, uncertain times and for financial reasons.

Through in vitro fertilization (I.V.F.) couples are creating embryos to use in the future when they are ready for parenthood.

When these couples break up, however, who gets to keep the embryos? In most cases the embryo consists of one of the partner’s genetics (sperm or egg). In some cases the embryo consists of a donor sperm or egg.

So, the question of who gets to keep the embryos or decide the fate of the embryos after the break up can become complicated.

For example, what should happen to any remaining embryos if one partner dies or becomes mentally incapacitated? Who would decide whether remaining embryos should be donated or destroyed? Who would determine the disposition of remaining embryos in the case of divorce or separation?

Read more about embryo custody in this article:

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