Relocation Lawyer Tampa Gary Dolgin Explains That The Relocating Parent Has The Burden Of Providing Evidence That Relocation Is In The Child’s Best Interest

Contested Relocation

There is no presumption in favor of or against a request to relocate with a child when the relocation will “materially affect” the current time-sharing, access and contact with the other parent or other persons entitled to contact and access.

The relocating parent has the initial burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that relocation is in the best interest of the child.

If that burden is met, the burden of proof shifts to the nonrelocating parent to show that the relocation is not in the child’s best interest.

If relocation is permitted, the court may order contact with the nonrelocating parent including access, time-sharing, telephone, internet, webcam, and other arrangements sufficient to ensure that the child has frequent, continuing and meaningful contact with the nonrelocating parent, if contact is financially affordable and in the best interest of the child.

The court may also specify how transportation costs are to be allocated and may adjust the child support award accordingly.

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