Tampa Custody Attorney Gary Dolgin Discusses How Fees for Parenting Coordination Are Allocated

A parent coordinator in divorce serves as a neutral third-party professional who helps separated or divorced parents navigate co-parenting challenges more effectively.

The court shall determine the allocation of fees and costs for parenting coordination between the parties.

The court may not order the parties to parenting coordination without their consent unless it determines that the parties have the financial ability to pay the parenting coordination fees and costs.

(a) In determining if a nonindigent party has the financial ability to pay the parenting coordination fees and costs, the court shall consider the party’s financial circumstances, including income, assets, liabilities, financial obligations, resources, and whether paying the fees and costs would create a substantial hardship.

(b) If a party is found to be indigent based upon the factors in s. 57.082, the court may not order the party to parenting coordination unless public funds are available to pay the indigent party’s allocated portion of the fees and costs or the nonindigent party consents to paying all of the fees and costs.

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